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Good morning world! It’s going to be a beautiful spring day in central Indiana and a great day to be alive and enjoy life! Spring to me always means a fresh start, a time to change things up and make things better!

You know, probably the greatest thing about owning your own business is how much control you have over everything. There are no bosses to negate what company policy is or how we should do things. We get to take personal responsibility for those things. Making our work-life more environmentally friendly can also be a more efficient way of getting our information into the hands of our clients. It’s a win for the planet, a win for us and more importantly a win for you, our clients. Having our information and portfolio accessible 24/7 online via our website has been at the top of my list since starting this business, wow, quickly approaching the 10 year mark. Starting now, we are taking things one step further buy presenting our studio brochures and product offerings in an online format.

You will be presented with a couple different versions of our easy to navigate, online magazine style brochure. Under the pricing tab here on the blog [and below] you will find our PRICE GUIDE with pricing and basic studio information. Once you have made the choice to book your session we will send you links to our STYLE GUIDE where you will find our guide on What To Wear, Tips, Frequently Asked Questions and even a store list of online and real world places to buy lots of great fashions to rock out your session with us. Then there is our STUDIO BROCHURE where you can view pricing along with a more detailed view of the frames and other products we offer.

Each version of our online brochure will also feature cover images of our clients. These covers will be changed out from time to time, much like the different covers of a monthly magazine with new cover girl images. So as a client… keep an eye out, you could be one of our COVER MODELS!!! Congratulations to our three inaugural COVER GIRLS, Hannah File of Fishers, Nicole Holmqvist from Plainfield High School and Ryann Bentley from Cathedral High School.

Below you can take a peek at our basic PRICE GUIDE. You can use the navigation arrows at the bottom center or grab or click a corner and flip through the pages. You can also turn off the sound or click the icon at the far bottom left to take it into full page mode. Just click esc to get out of full page mode when you are done and it will pop you right back to this blog page.


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  1. Sunny D said . . .

    Wow. I love this. I went digital with my pricing guide this year too and I hope it works out ok. LOVE the magazine cover look. You are always one step ahead of the game.

    Posted March 28, 2010 at 11:58 pm | Permalink

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